Heroes Reborn Season Premiere Review – ‘Brave New World’ / ‘Odessa’

Tai Freligh reviews the season premiere of Heroes Reborn… Heroes Reborn premiered last Thursday night with an ambitious and intricate double-header of “Brave New World” and “Odessa”.  It was amazing and frustrating and messy and hopeful.  There was a lot that I liked, some interesting seeds planted and some elements that just didn’t work.  New … Read more

Which Versions Of The Flash Are Going To Be Appearing In Season 2?

If you watched The CW’s hit television show The Flash last year, then you were treated to one of the best television adaptations we’ve seen of the Scarlet Speedster in years. Mind you, we watched the TV show in the 90s with John Wesley Shipp and LOVED it, but this new version is light years … Read more

Heroes Is Reborn And Cooler Than Ever

Tai Freligh looks forward to the return of Heroes with Heroes Reborn… When Heroes went off the air abruptly in 2010 after four amazing seasons, we were all left hanging. People with special abilities had been revealed to the world, but we would never find out what happened to them. After five years of silence, … Read more