Heroes Reborn Episode 6 Review – ‘Game Over’

Tai Freligh reviews episode 6 of Heroes Reborn, ‘Game Over’… This week’s episode was solid, with some major developments in the plot as well as our many disparate groups crossing paths and coming together as they head towards their ultimate goal of saving the world.  Finally we get to see some of the original Heroes … Read more

Heroes Reborn Episode 5 Review – ‘The Lion’s Den’

Tai Freligh reviews episode 5 of Heroes Reborn, ‘The Lion’s Den’… After last week’s most excellent episode, this week Heroes Reborn took a step backwards AND jumped the shark.  We finally know what the world needs to be saved from, but not yet really how our heroes will exactly do that.  The storylines all get … Read more

Heroes Reborn Episode 4 Review – ‘The Needs of Many’

Tai Freligh reviews episode 4 of Heroes Reborn, ‘The Needs of Many’… Heroes Reborn has settled into a groove of seven distinct character arcs- Tommy/Emily, Luke/Joanne, HRG/Quentin, Miko/Ren, Carlos/Oscar, Malina/Farah, and Erica Kravid/Mr. Harris.  We move through all the storylines in a rapid fashion, jumping back and forth between all the characters and keeping the action going … Read more

Comic Book Review – Heroes Vengeance #1

Tai Freligh reviews Heroes Vengeance #1… Fresh from the brand new Heroes Reborn television series, the Heroes comic will delve into the secrets of the characters. Each five-part story arc will spotlight a different character, exploring secrets behind what makes them tick. Many superhero movies and television shows these days are inspired by their comic … Read more

Review – Heroes Reborn: Event Series – The Official Magazine #1

Tai Freligh reviews Heroes Reborn: Event Series – The Official Magazine #1. To coincide with the launch of the television series Heroes Reborn, Titan Magazines is publishing the Heroes Reborn: Event Series – The Official Magazine, with issue #1 hitting shelves on October 6th. “We are excited to be working in collaboration with the team behind NBC’s Heroes … Read more