AMC locks down spoiler page ahead of season finale of The Walking Dead

Negan from The Walking DeadTai Freligh dips into the wild west of spoilers for tonight’s season six finale of The Walking Dead…

Ever since it was announced that uber villain Negan would make his appearance on the finale of season six of The Walking Dead, the speculation has been rampant about how a key scene from the graphic novels would play out on the show.  The show runners themselves have not been shy about switching things up from the graphic novels to the television show on AMC and so it has only further wound up fans of the show.  While one character may die in the graphic novels, the show runners will kill a different character off on the television show.  So, the rumblings have gotten loud and fierce about how this major scene will play out.

With one of the most highly anticipated television show finales in recent history airing tonight, AMC has understandably been on high spoiler alert for the past week and has even gone so far as to issue a DMCA request to take down a spoiler-filled account of tonight’s season finale posted to the hugely popular The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page, which has over 325,000 fans.  AMC took it a step further and locked the page down, blocking all the admins except for one from posting, replying or commenting on the page until today.


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