30 Things We Learned About the Justice League Movie

Tai Freligh with 30 things we learned about the Justice League movie… News about Zack Snyder’s follow up to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had been few and far between in terms of photos, logos, plot descriptions, etc.  Then late last week the news leaked that several reporters were heading to London to do … Read more

Comic Book Review – Heroes: Godsend #4

Tai Freligh reviews Heroes: Godsend #4… Farah Nazan… Former soldier and tough protector of Malina… But how did she become the woman she is today? Farah’s origins are explored in Godsend.   Now working for Primatech, Farah used her powers to spring Daniel Linderman from prison so he could heal Malina, the world’s future savior.  But another man escaped … Read more