Free Comic Book Day Review – Underdog FCBD 2017

Tai Freligh reviews Underdog FCBD 2017…

FCBD Underdog #1There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here! American Mythology is proud to announce our follow-up to the 2016 Pink Panther FCBD special with another beloved kids comic! Underdog is back and aimed at introducing a new generation of readers to all-ages fun!

American Mythology specializes in nostalgia, more specifically bringing television shows from our childhoods (mine at least as a Gen-Xer) into the comic book world.  They have created comics for such classics as Caspar the Friendly Ghost, The Pink Panther, and Underdog from another time when the folks at Hannah Barbara ruled Saturday mornings.

I admit that I wanted to review this because I fondly recall watching Underdog fight crime and save Polly Purebred from criminals.  I had forgotten about how Underdog always rhymed when he spoke, but it all came back to me.  The illustrations are spot on from what I remember of the show and the stories were a fun callback to the show.  When he’s the mild-mannered shoe shine boy, he has no pants!  I guess if Porky Pig can do it, then Underdog can too.

The end of the comic book has a preview of Caspar the Friendly Ghost and Rocky and Bullwinkle (both shows I used to watch!).  If you’re into nostalgia and like a simple, but fun story, then this comic is for you.

FCBD Underdog #1 is available in comic book shops on May 6th for free.

Rating: 8/10

Tai Freligh is a Los Angeles-based writer and can be found on Twitter.

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