YouTube Originals’ Impulse Panel at San Diego Comic-Con International 2019

Tai Freligh covers the YouTube Originals Impulse panel at SDCC…


YouTube Originals brought the stars of their show Impulse, now in its second season, for a panel discussion at San Diego Comic-Con this year.  Featured on the panel were stars Maddie Hasson, Sarah Desjardins, Enuka Okuma, Daniel Maslany and showrunner Lauren LeFranc.

You can check out the season two trailer here…

Impulse is a story about a young woman grappling with trauma in a grounded genre world. In season one, our lead, Henrietta “Henry” Coles, gets in a truck with a boy she trusts. He sexually assaults her, and as she struggles to defend herself against him, she discovers she can teleport. From this point on, Henry’s sexual assault and the confusion and consequences surrounding her newfound powers are intrinsically linked. Season two picks up as Henry seeks to control her new powers by further confronting her trauma. With the help of friends, she struggles to become a more adept teleporter, but must keep her abilities a secret — or risk endangering the people she loves.

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