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LinkedIn launched their version of the Instagram Story a few weeks ago, called Stories.  I wrote about it HERE, including some things I’d like to see included in upcoming revisions.  As of yesterday, it seems that Stories are now available to some LinkedIn Page owners, myself included, in addition to your LinkedIn Profile.  It’s not fully clear yet if this is across the board for all United States users or not, but I did some digging on the LinkedIn site.

page stories

It appears that this feature is slowly being rolled out to users across the country.  From one of their FAQ pages:

Stories will be made available to LinkedIn Pages gradually. If you’re a Page admin based in one of the above-mentioned countries, and your Stories section includes your individual profile but not your Page profile, it means that LinkedIn Stories is not yet available for your Page. Please check back in the coming weeks.

It’s interesting that they have chosen to add the feature to Business Pages this early in the testing process.  I am quite sure they are getting a ton of feedback on improvements and additions to the launch version, so adding Pages this early seems a little silly.  Not that I don’t appreciate having this option, but they should have launched them both at the same time or at least let us know this was coming.  It’s a great feature and a real good addition to having a Business Page on LinkedIn.

I’m not sure what the algorithm is for showing Page Stories at this point, but I am assuming for now that it’s probably for anybody who follows your Page, but it could also be for anybody who follows you or is connected to you on LinkedIn.

There are several types of content you can post to Stories for your Business Page that would be slightly different than what you might post to your Profile Stories.

For instance:

  • Micro-Blogs (single screen tidbits)
  • Shoutout to a New Blog
  • Infographics
  • Bite Size Tips
  • Services Offered
  • Q&A for a single question
  • BTS of the Company Culture
  • Special Offers
  • Case Studies

The possibilities are endless.  By combining Profile Stories that are more about you as a person and also posting Page Stories that are more about your company or brand, you can paint a more complete picture of you as a potential company to do business with, new hire or partner.

Do you have Stories for Pages yet?  Have you used it?  What do you think?  Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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