9 Ways That Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns Influenced Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Director Zack Snyder has outright stated that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is heavily influenced by what Frank Miller did with his graphic novel series, especially The Dark Knight Returns, where an older, more grizzled versions of Superman and Batman fight each other. When Snyder announced the film two years ago at Comic-Con, he … Read more

5 Reasons That Deadpool Might Just Revive Ryan Reynolds’ Career

Could the new R-rated Deadpool be the redemption of Ryan Reynolds? After starring in 2011’s critically lambasted Green Lantern movie and portraying a very much PG-13 version of Wade Wilson and later Weapon XI in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds looks poised to break out of his superhero funk and bring life back to his career … Read more

12 Things We Learned About Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice From Empire Magazine

For a movie that’s not coming out until March of next year, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice fans are getting treated to a lot of cool photos, videos and information ahead of time. Empire Magazine’s latest issue is no exception, as it gives us a ton of clues about not only this movie, but the … Read more

10 Things Revealed in the ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer

When director David Ayer took the stage at Comic-Con International in San Diego this year, we knew we were going to get something special from the Suicide Squad movie, but we didn’t know how special it was going to be! He presented a full length trailer for the movie, which is still filming in Toronto. … Read more

20 Things We Learned From The ‘Batman v Superman’ Comic-Con Trailer

When the second Batman v Superman trailer was released in Hall H for Comic-Con attendees, the reaction was immediate and ecstatic. It had everything we wanted to see, but didn’t in the first trailer (Wonder Woman fighting! Lex Luthor scheming! Superman and Batman actually fighting!) and more. After going through the Batman v Superman Comic-Con trailer frame … Read more

New Hampshire’s Tai Freligh: Measuring Social Media Success In State Tourism

A good chunk of New Hampshire’s wealth comes from the tourism trade, its second largest industry. Between Sept 2012 and August 2013, 34.23 million travelers came to the state, spending $4.6 billion while they were here. $527 million of those dollars were the direct result of PR efforts by the Division of Travel and Tourism Development … Read more