Deadpool 2 teaser from Logan released online, watch it here

While rumours of a Deadpool cameo or scoops that there was a post-credits scene proved false, a Deadpool 2 teaser has been attached to some screenings of Logan, and for those not fortunate enough to see it, actor Ryan Reynolds has released the clip called “No Good Deed” on YouTube this morning through his Twitter account. READ MORE:

5 Reasons That Deadpool Might Just Revive Ryan Reynolds’ Career

Could the new R-rated Deadpool be the redemption of Ryan Reynolds? After starring in 2011’s critically lambasted Green Lantern movie and portraying a very much PG-13 version of Wade Wilson and later Weapon XI in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds looks poised to break out of his superhero funk and bring life back to his career with this iteration of Deadpool. […]