Entertainment News 4/10/17, including Transformers and Superman

Just a few new posts this week in the entertainment world.  Justice League director Zack Snyder shared a photo he took of Henry Cavill from his first Man of Steel screen test in 2011 last week.  In it, Henry can be seen wearing the classic Christopher Reeve spandex suit.  I wrote a post about it, including Snyder’s comments when he shared […]

Zack Snyder shares first photo of Henry Cavill as Superman

Director Zack Snyder shared a photo on his Vero True Social account this morning that he took of British actor Henry Cavill from his first screen test for Man of Steel.  He can be seen wearing a duplicate copy of the Christopher Reeve spandex Superman suit.  Snyder himself took the photo, saying “From the first test with Henry…I knew right […]

5 Directors Who Could Replace Ben Affleck On The Batman

It’s no secret that Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film, The Batman, has had its ups and downs.  Starting with script rewrites and tinkering and then moving on to the intense pressure Affleck felt to make the best possible film he could while both directing and starring as the lead, The Batman has been the subject of intense scrutiny, intensified in […]