Heroes Reborn Episode 8 Review – ‘June 13 Part Two’

Tai Freligh reviews episode 8 of Heroes Reborn, ‘June 13 – Part Two’… This week’s Heroes Reborn was another very satisfying installment, bringing a lot of answers to questions raised last week, but also to some questions raised since the beginning of the season as well as some “new” old faces to the franchise.  I particularly enjoyed this episode and thought […]

Video Game Review – Heroes Reborn: Enigma

Tai Freligh reviews Heroes Reborn: Enigma… If you’ve read any of my reviews of the new Heroes Reborn television mini-series, you’ll know that I am a huge geek about anything Heroes.  So when I saw that they had made a mobile companion game called Enigma, I had to try it out.  Here’s the official game description: Since fans last saw […]

Heroes Reborn Episode 7 Review – ‘June 13- Part 1’

Tai Freligh reviews episode 7 of Heroes Reborn, ‘June 13 – Part 1’… This was my favourite episode of the entire Heroes Reborn series by far and earns my first 10 out of 10 rating.  It was action-packed.  It featured several of the original Heroes, including Mohinder, Angela and Hiro and answered several questions while managing to bring up new […]

Heroes Reborn Episode 6 Review – ‘Game Over’

Tai Freligh reviews episode 6 of Heroes Reborn, ‘Game Over’… This week’s episode was solid, with some major developments in the plot as well as our many disparate groups crossing paths and coming together as they head towards their ultimate goal of saving the world.  Finally we get to see some of the original Heroes while also getting a tease […]

Heroes Reborn Episode 5 Review – ‘The Lion’s Den’

Tai Freligh reviews episode 5 of Heroes Reborn, ‘The Lion’s Den’… After last week’s most excellent episode, this week Heroes Reborn took a step backwards AND jumped the shark.  We finally know what the world needs to be saved from, but not yet really how our heroes will exactly do that.  The storylines all get touched on, but this week […]

Heroes Reborn Episode 4 Review – ‘The Needs of Many’

Tai Freligh reviews episode 4 of Heroes Reborn, ‘The Needs of Many’… Heroes Reborn has settled into a groove of seven distinct character arcs- Tommy/Emily, Luke/Joanne, HRG/Quentin, Miko/Ren, Carlos/Oscar, Malina/Farah, and Erica Kravid/Mr. Harris.  We move through all the storylines in a rapid fashion, jumping back and forth between all the characters and keeping the action going in this week’s episode 4. […]