Celebrity Fan Engagement

It’s rare to come across a celebrity fan page that has organically amassed more followers than the celebrity itself. In the case of HenryCavill.Org, I have to give Tai credit for achieving this through a combination of marketing expertise, hard work, and determination. I had the pleasure of working with Tai to raise donations for the Royal Marines Charity with support from Henry Cavill. I was impressed by Tai’s professionalism and adaptability on a campaign that underwent a lot of changes for the duration of it. Tai was a pleasure to work with and understands the entertainment/digital marketing landscapes better than most. He would be an invaluable asset to any team.

Prab Marwah

Marketing for Non-Profits

Tai is working with us on our 24 Peaces project by GENE and he’s immensely supported our image on social media since we hired him. His communication skills are fantastic and he brings in great ideas to the table consistently. It’s a pleasure to be working with him and as a team, we are very pleased with what he is doing for our project thus far. His knowledge and expertise has been instrumental to our project and we anticipate seeing great results as a result of our relationship with Tai.

Michelle Andrada
24 Peaces

Entertainment and Convention Writing

In his creative capacity at Flickering Myth as a film aficionado Tai excels through news, reviews and interviews respectively. Sitting at the forefront of convention coverage and wrangling exclusive interview content from numerous networks, he works tirelessly to translate his passion to the page. Tai has a unique voice and a peerless work ethic which would make him an asset to any business with an eye for talent.

Martin Carr

Building a Consumer Brand

We brought Tai in to jumpstart our corporate social media and help us start building a consumer facing brand. He excelled at the position. Tai excels at developing and executing social media strategy. He has a great personality and skill set for the job and brings a unique perspective that adds to the success of his work. Tai is also a great person to work with. He is always in a good mood and bring good questions and ideas. Tai would be an asset to any company.

Dan Donovan

Social Media Management

Tai Freligh Consulting really just showed up for our ’24 Peaces’ project and is making miracles happen. Since they’ve joined our team, our social media has been on fire and we’ve been getting all positive results. Tai is a valuable asset to any entity looking communicate with the world, generate awareness, or just expand their current reach. We’re VERY lucky to have the opportunity to have them as part of our team!

24 Peaces

Anticipating Client Needs

It has been my great pleasure to work with Tai in promoting through social media. He just seems to know what I need intuitively. Tai has a beautiful personality that makes it even easier to accomplish goals together.He makes suggestions that are always right on point. His content creation speaks my desires without him needing to further consult me. Through phone conversation he has come to understand who I am and what I desire. Our difference in culture is not a deterrent in the least. He just gets it!

Francesca James

Client Work Relationship Style

When Tai speaks, people listen. Perhaps it’s in part because he always has a great sense of humor and is fun to work with, but it’s also because he can keep track of a massive amount of ever-changing information. He is always in-the-know, and keeps an eye on what people are doing and what he can do to help. Tai Freligh is a name, a face, a voice, and a sense of humor I will never forget.

Sam Sinke
CONUS Communications

Client Satisfaction

Tai comes with my highest recommendations. He is always looking for new ideas to assist his clients. I admire him for his creative work and his willingness to “give first”. You would be doing yourself a favor to align yourself with Tai as I have.

Carl White

Work Ethic and Personality

Tai was my Producer for about 3 years. He had a strong work ethic, a good news mind and several of the programs he produced earned state and national awards. He was easy to manage and could work independently. Tai also had a great personality. He was well liked by all the regular guests we had on the show as well as in the office. I give Tai my highest recommendation.

Keith Shields

Independent Film Marketing

Tai did an excellent job organizing and implementing a social media campaign for my film Warriors of the Discotheque. What I liked most was that it was clever and not at all spammy, but rather organic to the subject matter. I would strongly recommend Tai if you’re looking to do any kind of social marketing campaign.

Joseph Alexandre

Lead Generation for Sales Team

In a field full of counterfeits, Tai is definitively the real deal. Within a month of hire, Tai was able to produce a notable uptick in our online and social media marketing presence. Traceable traffic to our sales department that was converted to new business followed shortly there after. Despite have no previous experiencing in the aerospace, tooling or signage markets; Tai was able to develop effective marketing strategies and implement new programs with little to no guidance. Tai also worked well in a team setting and always responded promptly to requests from the Sales Department. Tai always remained transparent and accountable with constant updates on current project’s progress and results. I enthusiastically endorse Tai as a true marketing professional.

Chip Going

Innovative self-starter!

Tai is a self starter, innovative, responsive, dedicated, and passionate about all things social- you’ll want him on your team. He’s a perfect fit for any size company- and ideally one that is mission driven.

Keri Hoyt, President/COO

Project Manager / Vendor Relations

Tai and I worked together across teams while he was at Noodle and I part of Noodle’s agency subsidiary, CCA. Tai’s social media expertise, beyond posting on the channels, but also understanding the specifications and exact nature of the deliverables needed, made him a breeze to work alongside. Tai is always professional, understanding of timelines, and from my point of view, an excellent project manager. I would certainly recommend Tai and his expertise.

Kayla Germain

Social Media Expert

Tai is a pleasure to work with and an expert in social media. While managing social media at Noodle, Tai developed content that made sense for each platform, and boosted awareness and engagement on our channels. He keeps a close eye on trends and is constantly looking for ways to sharpen his content strategy. Tai is passionate about social media and cares about his work. If you’re looking for someone to strengthen your organization’s online presence, and develop content that people want to engage with, I highly recommend hiring Tai!

Mickey Azirov

Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

It is a pleasure to work with Tai at the NH Office of Travel and Tourism Development. His communication and social networking skills are a definite asset to the state of New Hampshire in promoting our great state.

Mikey Duprey

Social Media Management for Multiple Clients

Tai Freligh as Director of Social Media at DDW Marketing, managed the workload and clients in a creative and professional manner. Tai was able to effectively juggle the demands of many projects simultaneously. At the same time he was able to develop insightful and fresh marketing ideas, while taking into account what was feasible from a technical and cost perspective. The end result was creative and innovative social media marketing strategies.
Tai proved to be a dedicated team player working well with all the staff and keeping the projects on track. He interacted professionally with our clients and represented our company very well.

Suzanne Mills-Winkler
DDW Marketing

Theme Park Influencers

While he was with Coastal Enterprises, we worked with Tai to provide content for the Coastal Enterprises official Precision Board blog. Tai scheduled and edited our entries. He also kept an eye out for opportunities showcase our work with Precision Board throughout the sign industry. Tai was a pleasure to work with; friendly, upbeat, punctual, and professional. We are happy to recommend his services.

Peter Sawatzky