Coastal Enterprises

Coastal Enterprises

Coastal Enterprises is a plastics manufacturer, providing materials to a variety of industries, including aerospace, architecture, theme park designers, government agencies, and sign-makers.

As the Marketing Manager I developed and launched a multi-platform strategy to boost sales, increase brand awareness and grow the community on all social media channels.

Some of the things I accomplished in my time at Coastal Enterprises included:

*Generated approximately 75% of the website leads through marketing and social media efforts.

*Grew Instagram followers by 7,000% over 3 years, building a community of brand ambassadors.

*Tripled the size of the YouTube library by partnering with industry leaders to create product videos that were then cross-promoted on social media and in the form of blogs.


“In a field full of counterfeits, Tai is definitively the real deal. Within a month of hire, Tai was able to produce a notable uptick in our online and social media marketing presence. Traceable traffic to our sales department that was converted to new business followed shortly thereafter. Despite have no previous experiencing in the aerospace, tooling or signage markets; Tai was able to develop effective marketing strategies and implement new programs with little to no guidance. Tai also worked well in a team setting and always responded promptly to requests from the Sales Department. Tai always remained transparent and accountable with constant updates on current project’s progress and results. I enthusiastically endorse Tai as a true marketing professional.”

~Chip Going, General Manager, Coastal Enterprises