To meet the crucial challenge of productivity and efficiency, has launched an end-to end enterprise AI platform, designed to enable business users, data scientists, IT professionals, and developers to work together effectively to deliver AI business apps. By addressing high-value business applications and automating model creation, enables companies to put AI to work in radically less time – with their existing resources.

I was hired as a copyeditor to review and edit technical blogs for grammar and flow.

Once I had the writing style of their main blogger down, I was able to quickly and efficiently edit multiple pieces of content for flow and also to ensure that minor translations were made for the English speaking audience (the writer was French with English as a second language).  I was able to edit an entire how-to blog series in a matter of days so that they could publish quickly.


“Tai has a been a pleasure to work with on copy editing our technical blogs and articles. He is efficient and accurate and maintains a great communication pipeline. With such a great turnaround time, we are able to send him plenty of work. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable copy editor.

~Tim Tyrrell, GM & Vice-President of Sales,