Sell the sizzle, not the steak!

It’s a principle that goes back more than 50 years, but remains applicable to this day- don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle. I’m going to let Elmer Wheeler explain in this two minute video from 1947 and then we’ll get back to it.

Take a look at the following two pictures and tell me which one would get you to “buy the steak”.

I see far too many marketers and social media folks these days just selling the steak. We sell watches…we sell dongles….we sell milkshakes. Actually, you sell a luxury lifestyle, a technically hip consumer and the delicious drink that tastes home-made and all natural. You’re not just selling a physical product, you’re selling an idea. Owning this product satisfies something that the customer is looking for, answers a question, solves a problem or lets them be a part of something they desire to belong to.

If I purchase this particular watch, I join a group of people who have an appreciation for style and history and luxury. I join a group of people who are willing to spend in a certain price range and if this particular watch is hard to find, I join a group of people who are savvy and know how to find a particular item. As you can see, something as simple as selling a watch is a lot more than just selling a watch and if you can figure out what the sizzle is, you can sell the steak.

Side Note: Why do you think they are called “sizzle reels”? 😉

Drop a comment below if you’ve seen a company doing a particularly good job of selling the sizzle and let me know what they’re doing!

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