Big Changes Coming to LinkedIn Stories!

After almost an entire year in the wild, LinkedIn is pulling its Stories feature and sending it back to the shop for upgrades.  If you’re not familiar, Stories are LinkedIn’s way of allowing its users to share videos and images for a specified amount of time (usually 24 hours) before they disappear.  This is a more basic version of what […]

Stories Comes to LinkedIn Business Pages

LinkedIn launched their version of the Instagram Story a few weeks ago, called Stories.  I wrote about it HERE, including some things I’d like to see included in upcoming revisions.  As of yesterday, it seems that Stories are now available to some LinkedIn Page owners, myself included, in addition to your LinkedIn Profile.  It’s not fully clear yet if this […]

Taking a Look at the New LinkedIn Stories Feature!

We knew it was coming…Stories on LinkedIn…just not when.  Well, turns out the new feature was just launched on September 24th as part of a major redesign of the entire LinkedIn platform.  Along with making the LinkedIn experience easy, inclusive, enjoyable, and putting the community front and center, they have added a more human way of sharing with Stories.  Here’s […]